Niche Marketing

Precision targeting for specialized brands

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Unique digital strategies for complex markets

We specialize in niche targeting, especially when it comes to healthcare professionals. Our best-selling products include list match and Rx scripts targeting, and we create controlled digital spaces which we tailor to the specific needs of each campaign.

Physician-level 1st party data reporting

Prime Targeting

Make the perfect match

We know how to reach healthcare professionals of any level or specialty and can list match to curated physician lists so you know your campaign is being seen by a relevant audience

Multi-Tactic Audience Targeting

Prime Connect

Put your audience to the test

We set up a series of custom audience groups of patients and healthcare professionals using our advanced data and location technologies to test against each other so we can identify the most impactful market for your brand and measure lift

Scripts Targeting

Rx or Dx Scripts

Increase brand awareness to patients and professionals

Find prescribing healthcare professionals of any condition, prescription, decile, or patients that are in treatment or have been recently diagnosed with any health condition

Tailored published content

Custom and Native Sponsorships

Endemic messaging in all the right places

We partner with top health and lifestyle sites to create custom or native sponsorhsips that reach your prime audience on the content they love