Geo-Targeting Technology

Locate and zero in on your target audience

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Location-based targeting

We have spent the last decade developing advanced geo-location targeting technologies that allow us to reach markets as broad as national or regional and as narrow as a building or street. Whether you want to reach HCP’s at a conference center or patients at a clinic, we’ve got you covered.

Geo-Fence Targeting

Get Hyper-local

It’s all about location, location, location

Our geographic targeting technologies are so advanced that we can reach audiences within 50 meters of any location, ideal for local brands and event marketing

Advanced location targeting

Prime Location

Reaching audiences on the go

Even more granular, we layer user data over our location technology to reach people who frequent desirable locations in real time on their mobile and tablet devices

But, don't think too small

Broad Audiences

Regional targeting

We create tailored location segments, both national and international, so you can achieve any scale you need.