Performance Marketing

Custom-built, interactive audiences

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Bespoke audiences at your fingertips

Our unparalleled lead generation platform allows us to establish pre-qualified interactive health audiences, who we motivate with cost-per-action models.

Custom-built condition studies

AdPrime Advantage

Foster a responsive audience with lead generation

We create interactive condition-specific studies to identify existing or potential patients and caregivers, then give them the opportunity to explore your brand

Opt-in segmentation studies

Pre-Qualified Traffic

Drive audiences into action

We can further our custom-built studies by first qualifying the patients and caregivers relevant to your brand to enhance potential response

Dedicated Messaging

Engagement Targeting

Get in touch with your custom audience

Once we have identified the right interactive audience for your brand, we can connect with them by creating dedicated newsletters or educational email series

Encouraging re-engagement


Don't lose the brand advantage

So you’ve successfully tapped into an interactive audience, but don’t want to lose them just yet - we can follow up with sequential messaging to people who have already engaged with your brand