Prime Audiences

Custom market segments built for interactive audiences


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Advanced data-driven results

Our premiere technology targets custom multi-tiered market segments to reach the most complex groups of patients and healthcare professionals at different stages of their journeys with supervised optimization throughout the run of campaign

Custom-built audiences

Prime Audiences

Reaching interested niche markets

We create complex, multi-layered custom health audiences for hundreds of conditions at any stage of the patient journey and dozens of healthcare professional specialties

Our own first party data is enhanced with third party demographic or prescription data, and advanced targeting technologies, including look-alike audiences for niche conditions

How Prime Audiences work


Custom audiences

We identify your brand’s needs and create custom audience segments using our first party data, including hundreds of conditions and dozens of healthcare specialties


Precision targeting

We overlay multiple tactics to reach people already interested in your brand’s niche market at the right time and place within our extensive network



We closely monitor your campaign and make improvements by adjusting keywords and sites to produce the highest possible ROI



We can perform A/B tests, create look-alike audiences, and track entire service lines to provide data-driven insights for future campaigns

Real-time targeting

Custom Contextual Segments

Bespoke condition and specialty targeting

We create advanced first party segments to reach consumers at any stage of the patient journey and prescribing healthcare professionals with content relevant to their interests